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أفضل مكان لتعلم القرآن لجميع الأعمار


Online Quran Learning


Ealhamd is an online Qur’an project  with an aim to promote the  online authentic learning of Qur’an recitation with its features, with use of Internet Technology in conducting live classes. It is  under the supervision of islamic Scholars in order to maintain the quality of online learning  Qur’anic  and Islamic education. 

All individuals from the age of 4 to 70 can get the Islamic knowledge for 24 hours /7 days.

It is under the supervision of islamic Scholars in order to maintain the quality of online learning Qur’anic and Islamic education.

Target Audience
  • origins(تلاوۃ)
  • memorization (حفظ)
  • Tajveed (تجوید)
  • translation (ترجمہ)
Notable Awards
  • tafsir (تفسیر)
  • Namaz (الصلوۃ)
  • fasting (صیام)
  • Hajj (حج)

Its like Live Class room

“ealhamd high qualified staff (male & female) is currently tutoring the online Quran and Islam knowledge to students in the USA,UK,Canada and Australia and etc.iIt provide Quranic and islamic education to all over the world where the internet facility is available through over different live video applications”

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 “ealhamd designed for those students who have a musjid for away and they lived distance areas where they could not attend Quran classes daily.This online Quran institution facilitate Quranic students in their own homes in the front of parents. “
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Promoting Quran Education

We are working our best to assist Quran education to every age level with the use of modern tool.

What are you thinking?

Kids are greatly improved at retaining new information than grown-ups, which is the reason we recommend selecting them in online Quran courses as youthful as could be expected under the circumstances, ideally at five years old years old. The best site to begin learning Quran is ealhamd. The best time to take in anything is since early on, with lessons staying in a tyke’s mind similarly as a cutting stays on a stone inconclusively.

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Who Can Learn the Quran?

We offer Quranic education for children and grown-ups, people, even an offspring of 4-1/2 or grown-up of 70 or more can learn Quran. Online Quran Teachers are affirmed to show children and grown-ups. How about we learn the Quran online at the solace of your home at your own schedule.There are many online communicaion sources or our LMS you will choose according to your ease.

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Seeing Is Believing

Enhanced Learning: Video and Audio Streaming, Text Chat and White Board help you learn Tajweed online.

What did parents say's

All Praise to Allah SWT alone! What a simplicity of looking for information from the comfort of our own homes. It is a delightful and accommodating Quran exercises online Alhamdulillah. The educators are true and dedicated. My children are upbeat and empowered. How about we improve our lives by examining the Holy Quran.

Muhammad Usman Father of Students

Alhamdullilah, I am genuinely satisfied with my learning background with Ealhamd. As a return attempting to learn Quran on the web, I have felt confused and mistaken for a few schools, be it locally or on the web and never getting passed the elocution. I have now picked up trust in learning the Qu'ran.

Faisal Salah

I was quite pleased with the classroom and the tutor. My daughter finished reading the Quran. We will definitely recommend it to others as well in sha Allah.

Sister Zubaida

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